1942 WC-21 Dodge Weapons Carrier

Serial # 81504147

Date Mfg 1/12/42




 This Dodge WC has been on a farm up in the Panhandle of Oklahoma since it left the military. It must have been in the U S Air Force because the Blue Air Force paint that is very visible. The present cab on this truck really helped to preserve it, I have never seen one quite like this but it looks like it could have been retrofitted by the Air Force. The 3/4 ton Weapons Carriers did have a factory bolt on metal top available for them. I know that a lot of the open cab WC's did have Dodge pickup cabs later added to them by the Military since a lot of these trucks were used state side in areas with cold winters. I will probably take the cab off even though it was nicely done. This truck was running when parked back in the early 90's. The engine turns over freely. The body is 99% rust - free!











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