1951 M38 Willys Jeep

"Daddy's Jeep"


Serial Number 12245

Year of Mfg. 1951


Not For Sale !!!

1971 Bill Colwell and kids in Cherokee, Texas

12-24-1973 Melvin Hopgood and John Colwell

10-5-1974 Mildred Colwell and kids Esser Ranch

10-5-1974 Bill Colwell and family at Esser Ranch

6-14-1975 Esser Ranch Kendalia, Texas Terry Hopgood

12-01-1980 NRA Whitting Center Raton, NM

Gerald Sitterle and John Colwell

1981 Esser Ranch

11-15-1981 Opening Day of Deer Season Esser Ranch

John Colwell with his 8 point Buck

June 1984 Bill Colwell with his Jeep and Trailers

June 1984 John Colwell with daddy's M38 Jeep

Oct. 1995 Chase and Chelsea Colwell in Daddy's Jeep

Oct. 1995 Chase and Chelsea Colwell with Uncle Gary

Oct. 1995 Chase and Chelsea Colwell with Me

Summer 2001 Colwell M38's

other photos

Daddy's M38 Willys Jeep


John Colwell   Member # 9884



Waxahachie, Texas


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