M170 Willys Ambulance Jeep Registry


Manufacture: Kaiser Jeep Corporation

Serial Number 14545

Date of Delivery 00-67

Owner: Arlindo Vilar

Location:  Brazil



Email sent to me:


Dear Sir:

I have a jeep ambulance that I bought from the brazilian army.
Those vehicle and other military equipment came to Brazil when there were a
agreement between our goverments, already ended.
Many M 170 were delivered between the years of 1966 and 67 as I was informed.
The one I have has a plate with Serial Number  7205 14545 and written
"Kaiser Jeep Corporation
     Toledo, Ohio"

By the brazilian army documents the date of manufacture is 1967.
Ive been trying to rebuilt it but due to importation laws in Brazil
is very dificult to get spare parts in US.
Although all difficulties I have almost completed its restauration.There are
more 5 of these ambulances here in Recife, capital city of the State of
Pernambuco, where I live.
If you have information about them, pelase let me know.
Thank you for your attention asking, at the same time, my escuse for any errors
in your language.

Arlindo Vilar








I would like to compile a M170 Jeep Registry and see how many of these Jeeps are still around. The government contract called for 6,000 M170's to be made between 1953 to 1963 but production stopped at 4,155 Jeeps or so I've been told. If you would like to help me get this information gathered up I would greatly appreciate it. I need the following information:

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