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1942 WC-21 Dodge Weapons Carrier  $5,500

1943 WC-63 Dodge 6x6 1 1/2 Ton Cargo  $5,500

1945 WC-64 Dodge Ambulance K.D.  $5,500




Other Information

Command Cars






1941 WC12 Weapons Carrier (before)  Sold !

1941 WC12 Weapons Carrier (after)  Sold !

1941 WC-12 Dodge Weapons Carrier Hallettsville  Sold !

1942 WC-22 Dodge Weapons Carrier  Sold !

1942 WC-56 Dodge Command Car  Sold !

1943 WC-56 Dodge Command Car  Sold !

1944 WC-51 Dodge Weapons Carrier  Sold !



John's WC's Not 4-Sale

1941 WC12 Weapons Carrier JPC

1942 WC-12 Weapons Carrier "Bernardino"

1943 WC57 Command Car


VC-2 Dodge Command Car Pre-WW2

WC-4 Dodge 1/2 Ton 4x4

WC-6 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Command Car

WC-7 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Command Car

On The Alcan Highway

WC-10 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Carryall

On The Alcan Highway


WC-11 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Panel

WC-13 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Weapons Carrier

WC-13 Dodge 4x4 Testing Ground

WC-15 Dodge 4x4 1/2 Ton Command Car

WC-54 Dodge 4x4 Ambulance at Factory


WC-54 Ambulances Landing in France after D-Day

WC-55 Dodge 4x4 Gun Truck

WC-63 Dodge 6x6 with German POW's


1938 Command Car 4x4



Linda Haas with WC-12 MVPA Convention 2003






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